"Handled every task with aplomb"

Saviya is extremely professional, tireless and diligent. She worked very hard to find a place for us that we would love, but never pushed us. She listened to our needs and wants and went to work. Since we were moving from Las Vegas, a lot of work fell to her that we simply could not do, and she handled every task with aplomb. We cannot say enough good things about her and we would never hesitate to work with her again. She is a gem!

- S & K

"The fine print"

Saviya is wonderful to work with! She was very patient throughout the home search process. She always made the time to show me new listings quickly due to the competitive housing market.  She made sure that I did not overbid when I purchased my condo.  She also knows her contracts and reads the  fine print details which ended up saving me additional money.  She is a very fun, understanding, and quality professional.

- C.P

I am a first time home buyer and I first met Saviya when she offered to meet up and give me a little house buying intro course. Right from the start, buying with her was a low pressure and fun adventure. I wasn’t ready to buy when we first started, but she showed me houses and learned what I was  looking for over a few months, while I got more and more ready to buy.

In the end, we picked out a house that was just right for me, and she worked diligently to represent me. Saviya really knows what she is doing, and is a crazy ambitious lady who will work tirelessly (even when it means twisting her normal schedule to fit mine) to achieve what her client wants.

First time home buyers: Pick Saviya!
— C.S.

"We are first-time home buyers"

Saviya was a great agent for us from the beginning. We are first-time home buyers and she was great about explaining all the ins and outs of the home buying process. She was very thoughtful in the houses she found for us, and was always honest about how good a fit she thought the house was, not just in general but for our specific situation. We loved working with her through the entire process and would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to buy a home.

- A & T


A fabulous experience

We had a fabulous experience working with Saviya - we were relocating from the midwest and had a very short window of time to find a new home in an aggressive market. Saviya was very responsive, always available, and gave great advice! Highly Recommend.

— S.L.

"Very thankful we had Saviya"

"Saviya initially showed us different varieties of single family homes in different areas to get our likes and dislikes. Then gave us listings that matched our preferences. She is always joyful on our house tours, while educating us about the house conditions, Seattle market situation, and the buying process. When it came time for us to make the offer, we knew what to expect given the competitive Seattle housing market. We got the house we wanted in the area we wanted! Very thankful we had Saviya on this!"

- C. L.


“Attentive, responsive, and sensitive”

Saviya was amazing! She was attentive, responsive, and sensitive to our needs. She dealt with other agents gracefully and professionally, and both our sale and purchase were smoother and easier than we expected. She made a difficult process much easier. We are very grateful!

— L.B.H.



Saviya is patient, hard-working, kind and a very fun person to be around. That has not been the case with other realtors we worked with in the past. It was a pleasure working with Saviya and we wouldn't hesitate to call her again! 

— K.T.

“She gave amazing guidance.”

We spoke with Saviya once to give her a list of our wants and needs. Our first day looking she took us to several houses all of which fit the bill perfectly. By the end of the day we were in love with one house. With her guidance we were able to put in an offer that weekend that was immediately accepted. We now have moved into our perfect house. She was able to match us to homes without wasting our time taking us to places that were not quiet right or were out of the budget we set. She gave amazing guidance on which neighborhoods would be best suited for our lifestyle and what to look for when negotiating repairs. In the end we not only got the house but we got everything we asked for in negotiations. She made the whole process easy, fast and painless. This was the 4th home my husband and I have purchased and by far was the easiest.

— C.C.

“ Truly interested in making me happy.”

This was my first home and Saviya made the whole process a breeze. She made sure to devote a lot of time up front to my idea of an ideal home and made sure to remind me of my wish list as we went through the process. In a couple of instances, she even warned me against putting an offer on homes that didn't have what I had considered essential qualities in my home (in this case, maximum budget and south facing bedroom) and that's when I realized that she was truly interested in making me happy, not make a large commission of what would have been a more expensive buy than the one I ended up with. And I won't even begin to describe how patient she was with me throughout the whole process - pushing me in my wheelchair when I was too tired to do it myself. 

— D.E.


“She listened to me.”

I was buying my first house with Saviya and it was a really good experience. She listened to me, to what I was looking for and answered all my questions. She also was showing me the problems to expect in the house and what to account for. Finally, she was honest and wasn't trying to get me buy any house. I like my house, and I would recommend her to others as well.

— S.P.

“Will definitely work with Saviya again”

We were purchasing a home out of state and Saviya was our feet on the ground in Washington. She took the time to figure out exactly what our wants and needs were for a home and nailed it. If we do buy or sell a house again in the Washington area we will definitely work with Saviya again.

— E.G.

Saviya is the reason that we got our dream house. She took the time to listen to our wants and needs and then wrote out a description of us that made the seller want to sell to us even though we were not the highest bidders.

— S.L.

I highly recommend her as an agent.”

Saviya was very impressive as my real estate agent. She was patient with me as I determined what would best suit my needs. She was always happy to explain every step involved in the home buying process. She was very easy to communicate with and she always got back to me quickly if I reached out to her with questions, which was often. I felt very comfortable with her and I felt like she was working for me to make sure I was very happy with my final outcome. I highly recommend her as an agent.

— K.A.


Never pressuring me to make an offer.

Saviya did an excellent job.  She found listings in the two Seattle neighborhoods I was originally considering and continued looking after I narrowed down exactly where I wanted to buy, never pressuring me to make an offer. She is very responsive, which is definitely a plus in Seattle's competitive market. The condo I bought was listed on the market at night, she previewed it the following morning, called me to come look at it in the afternoon, and we had an offer put together that evening. Saviya was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in both helping me to find a place to buy and in the whole closing process, which I appreciated as a first time buyer.

— D.S.

An exceptional guide and adviser.

This was our first home and Saviya was an exceptional guide and adviser. She took the time to truly listen and understand our needs. Home buying is full of tradeoffs (unless you have a lot of money) and she taught us how to objectively evaluate every home. She thought long-term and never hesitated to point out issues in a house if she knew they would end up being significant hurdles down the line. My husband and I trust Saviya 100% and will use her for all future home purchases.  

— D.E.


I needed a skilled advocate.”

As a first time home buyer, I needed a skilled advocate, not a sales(wo)man. Saviya was that advocate. Through a lengthy search process (9 months), I never once felt pushed to put down on an offer on a home I wasn't 100% happy with. In fact, on a few occasions Saviya talked me out of a couple of offers citing that this would violate my initial said goals and wants in buying a home. I had blind trust in Saviya throughout the process, and was not disappointed. I will refer future homebuyers to her without hesitation. Thanks Saviya! 

— A.H.


“Very knowledgable in this market.

Saviya is very easy going and very nice person, she is very knowledgable in this market. She found our ideal house quickly. She is very patient to answer all our questions, no matter how naive the questions are. Definitely, we will recommend her to our friends.

— Z.H.

Saviya worked nonstop.

Saviya worked nonstop to sell my condo during the height of the recession. Always a smile on her face to cheer me up. I have grown to trust and respect her very much. That is huge for me. I plan on enlisting her professional help in all future Real Estate matters. Having been laid off...a shortsale was my only hope to get back on track financially. Thank so much!! 

— J.H.

Very diligent in looking for potential issues.

We are fairly new to US (under 3 years) and had been thinking about buying a house but were very hesitant in stepping into an area that was totally unknown to us. The first time we met Saviya, we had a fair idea of the house that we wanted however going through the requirements in detail with her actually made us re-think a lot of things that we had not considered. We started with a broad criteria but after seeing the first few houses added a new stringent criteria of an east / north facing house only. We put in many months in looking around for the perfect house for ourselves, which always seemed a distant dream until we got the house we wanted. For all the houses that we saw, Saviya was always very diligent in looking for potential issues with the house and proactively educating us about the pros and cons for each and how they fit in our requirements. At the end of it all, Saviya is a pleasure to work with and definitely someone who looks out for the buyers' interests and makes sure that she does a through job from her end. She was always so flexible and fast in getting the paper work done. We would highly recommend Saviya and thank her for a job well done!

— V.S.

She's professional, quick thinking.

We moved very quickly from CA to WA. Saviya was on top of looking for a house for us on a daily basis. We were both scouring the listings to find our perfect house - and we had rigid criteria. On my one weekend in WA, she showed me a house that had only been on the market for 2 days - I fell in love. My husband signed papers at midnight to put in an offer and he hadn't even seen the house! We had an inspection done and our offer was accepted (and another one was on the table). Thanks to Saviya's quick thinking and processing the paperwork, we have a beautiful home that met all of our criteria! We would highly recommend Saviya as your agent.  She's professional, quick thinking, and is attuned to her client's wants, needs and desires.  Thank you, Saviya, for making our move to WA a most pleasant experience. 

— J.M.

“She knows her stuff!”

Saviya is a fantastic Real Estate agent. She spent a whole weekend with my husband and I searching all over the Seattle area looking at houses. She explained all the ins and outs of buying a house and was great at making us feel comfortable in this market. I send as many referrals as I can to her because I wouldn't send people to just anyone. I want them to see someone I trust. I know Saviya will get the job done. She knows her stuff! 

— G.D.

Saviya made my house hunting experience enjoyable. She was diligent in finding listings that would interest me and attentive during walk-throughs. She provided valuable insight into possible problems with properties.

— F.D.

She is an awesome networker.

I lived out of state and needed to find a place to live for myself and my two dogs. Saviya helped me find an awesome place to live in two ways - by pre-screening on my behalf and by "power house hunting" when I was in town. Intense but productive. Saviya and I really clicked - even before we met, she knew the type of house I was looking for so when I did come to Seattle to look, it was a focused search. Her knowledge of the entire city was amazing - not to mention the ability to arrange sequential searches - from neighborhood to neighborhood. I've noticed how much it has helped me navigate the city now that I live here! She is an awesome networker - I had a great housing inspector for one of the places I was interested in for example. And I have a new hair stylist - very important when settling in a new city. She had a great approach to getting the offer ready, explained how things work - very helpful as I live out of state, using a credit union (which I would highly recommend) to finance. So there were nuances to navigate. The day I closed I wanted to stay in my new house. Saviya got the keys, met me around 6 pm and even bought me sheets &  a pillow to sleep on! That is dedication! It was very important to me that I sleep in my new house as soon as possible. She helped me with introductions to my new neighbors and was accessible after the sale. If I ever need to buy a house again, I want to work with Saviya. Highly, highly recommend - professional, thorough, knowledgeable and willing to work through the stress (my stress for example - this was a major move, something I've never done before). 

— J.H.

Her energy and drive is noteworthy.

Saviya handled the sale of my old condo (11/2014) and purchase of my new house (11/2014).  I would definitely recommend Saviya to friends and family members, and most importantly would again use her as my realtor. Here are some of the reasons why Saviya would be a great choice for you:

*  Saviya is a great listener. She has a terrific recall of prior conversations and uses that information to help find you the right home. She steered me clear from a number of homes that were poor fits for me. Given the relatively short time I had to arrange for a new home, this was very helpful. I ended up with a house that was a darn close match for what I really wanted despite not having a ton of money to work with.

*  Saviya has a lot of experience with home renovations, and she was constantly pointing out potential problems with various homes we toured.

*  Her energy and drive is noteworthy.  I originally met Saviya while touring an open house. I again met her at another open house. I encounter her again while walking around Green Lake. This was several months later. I was impressed that she remembered me and what I was looking for. At that point, I had intended to use another agent who was recommended by a friend. I invited her to provide another opinion before listing with that agent. Frankly Saviya blew the other agent out of the water, and I changed my plans and listed with her.  

*  My old condo is located in a building where it historically takes a long time to sell. A lot of units went on the market at the time and mine sold and the others didn't. The difference wasn't the price but the effort Saviya took to market my home. Her work made a huge difference. My gut feeling is some of these neighbors wished they had listed with Saviya.

*  My old condo was one of the cheapest listings in Seattle and my new house was below the median price for new purchases.  Never once did I feel that I was less important than Saviya's other clients.

*  Saviya maintains a network of other professionals who are equally impressive. I took her recommendations for a mortgage broker and home inspector and in both cases, they saved me a lot of money and a lot of hassle.

*  Saviya is dedicated to finding you the right home even when it doesn't work in her favor. I originally intended to buy a house in Shoreline. After her recommended inspector pointed out numerous and pricey problems with that house, I ended up purchasing a home that was substantially cheaper. Saviya cared more about my satisfaction than her commission.

*  Saviya provides new home warranties. I didn't realize how useful this could be until I actually moved into my new house.  Less than a week after moving in, the Seattle area had several days of sustained below freezing weather. I put foam covers over my hoses but one of the water lines froze anyway and burst. The home warranty company provided prompt and friendly service.  My "co-pay" to fix an expensive repair was only $60.00.

— E.C.

Want more information? Want to chat with an actual client of mine?

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