Your Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

fall leaves

Fall is a good time to take care of big home repair projects before shorter days (and in many areas, ice and snow) make outdoor work too difficult. And if you do live in an area with cold winters, take some time this fall to boost energy efficiency throughout your home, and prevent damage from winter storms with proper tree care (we spoke with an expert to find out what you need to do). Tick these 15 items off your list this season, and you can rest easy knowing that your home and yard are buttoned up and ready for winter.

Here's the bare bones list, but do read the full article on It's filled w/ great tips and ideas to get you ready for winter!

  1. Care for trees and shrubs.
  2. Rake leaves. 
  3. Clean gutters and downspouts. 
  4. Make exterior repairs.
  5. Seal gaps where critters could enter.
  6. Check walkways, railings, stairs and the driveway for winter safety. 
  7. Stock up on winter supplies. 
  8. Shut off exterior faucets and store hoses.
  9. Add weatherstripping.
  10. Check safety devices.
  11. Remove window A/C units.
  12. Clean dryer vents.
  13. Deep-clean the kitchen. 
  14. Conduct an energy audit.
  15. Schedule a chimney cleaning and heating system maintenance. 


Saviya Rowland

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